What Type a Horse are YOU?

have you ever wondered what horse you would be, if you were a horse instead of a person. have you ever wondered weather you'd be a good, bad, or nice horse? maybe you never gave it much thought....

well now its your chance to find out, but taking this amazing quiz! it only takes a few minutes, so try it out! you might just discover some things you didn't know about your self!

Created by: Cat
  1. Its Monday morning, and the alarm wakes you up for school. You:
  2. Its Monday morning, and the alarm wakes you up for school. You:
  3. Its the school dance, you are waring:
  4. Its the middle of class, and your teacher is talking. you are:
  5. you are a horse, and your owning calls you at the gate asking you to come to him/her. you:
  6. you are still a horse, and while riding though the bushes, and bird flies out in front of you
  7. your favorite drink is
  8. you see some girls pointing at you and laughing.You:
  9. It's spring, You are:
  10. a kid is getting picked on at school. you:

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Quiz topic: What Type a Horse am I?