Which Horse is Great For You?

Horses and Ponies are fantastic creatures. They were created by GOD for us to love! Everyone deserves to love and own their very own horse or pony! Taking this quiz will help you decide which type of horse will be special for you!!!

What horse is good for YOU? Take this quiz and find out!! Would a pony be good for you or maybe just a sweet mare? Maybe you would want a challenge, a stallion would be good for you. Still wondering? Take This Quiz!!!!!!!!

Created by: *Sammy*

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Own Horses?
  2. What Kind Of Rider Are You? (BE HONES!)
  3. What Would Be The Main Showing Type For You?
  4. Be Honest!!!! Pick The One That Fits You Most!
  5. Which Would You Get?
  6. Would You Consider Hooking a Cart To A Horse And Showing Cart Horse?
  7. Would You Ride Competitively or Just For Fun?
  8. English Or Western?
  9. Where Would You Keep Your Horse Or Pony?
  10. Will There Be Other Horses?

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