What kind of horse are you?

There are LOTS of smart horse people, but only a few who are truely deticated to them. What horses are? You'll find that out as you go and will be able to love them as much as yourselves.

Are YOU a horse person!?!? Do you have the horse power to figure horses out. Once you take this great quiz you'll find out how horsey you REALLY are in just a couple minutes!:)

Created by: Alexis

  1. Have you ever rode a horse?
  2. Have you ever owned a horse?
  3. Are you an expereinced rider.
  4. What's your favorite breed?
  5. What style do you ride?
  6. Are horses ALWAYS on your mind?
  7. Is your room horse, horse, and more horse?
  8. What breed do YOU think you are?
  9. What breed do usually ride[if you ride]?
  10. How long are you gooing to ride?

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Quiz topic: What kind of horse am I?