How natural is your horse?

It's one thing to say you love your horse but do you love him enough to change the way you think about horses and how they should live? Many people in this world just do what everyone else is doing, feed thier horse a few carrots and hope for the best. If you want to see if your horse adores you or just sees you as a convenient vending machine, take this quiz now to see if you need to improve!

Think you keep your horse the natural way? Take this quiz to find out if you need to improve in the way you keep him! It only takes a few minutes and is based on NH methods! Thanks!

Created by: lucy

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  1. How often do you groom your horse?
  2. If you do groom your horse, why do you do it?
  3. When leading your horse do you...
  4. When tacking up your horse do you...
  5. In the winter time your horse is kept...
  6. You like to do everything you can to learn about horses, the way they think, learn and survive
  7. Finish this phrase - "make the right thing easy, make the wrong thing ___"
  8. Finish this phrase - "The horse is never__"
  9. When riding you understand...
  10. You get frustrated...
  11. My horses feet are...

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Quiz topic: How natural is my horse?