How Natural Is Your Horsemanship?

There are millions of horseback riders, but few horsemen (and women). Only the best are Natural Horsemen, working with the horse's mind, body and instincts to teach partnership and peak performance.

Is YOUR horsemanship natural? Do you have the skills and understanding to become a master natural horseman and friend to horses everywhere? Take this quiz and find out just how natural your horsemanship is!

Created by: kirsten lee
  1. Your horse refuses to load into the horse trailer. What do you do?
  2. When I ride, I tack up my horse with
  3. You are excited about going to a clinic. You are going to ride with
  4. My bit is made out of
  5. You selected your saddle out of all the others because
  6. Your horse is frisky this fine frosty morning. You
  7. You want to teach your horse to jump, but he is afraid of the painted planks you set up in the ring. You
  8. Your horse
  9. A cattle work clinic is advertised. You
  10. You love your horse and want to do right by him. You

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Quiz topic: How Natural Is my Horsemanship?