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Horses are a magical animal to us. Sure, we see the Throughbreds on TV running like demons, and those gorgeous "floating" show jumpers, too, but is that all you know? Let's see!

Are you a total horse freak? Do you spend all your life reading horse books, watching horse movies, etc? This is definitley the quiz for you, if that is truely so!

Created by: Abby
  1. What horse breed can not trot, but can perform a "Running Walk" instead?
  2. Which of these horse breeds is smallest on average?
  3. Which of these exciting equine disiplines is most dangerous?
  4. Who are the ancestors of the Pony of the America's?
  5. Where is the Kentucky Horse Park located?
  6. Your horse is swishing the flies around him like crazy. He looks miserable. What do you do?
  7. How is one way to indentify a horse with good conformation?
  8. Which is true about western pleasure classes?
  9. How do horses breathe?
  10. Pick an answer and maybe it'll be the bonus point!!!

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