How Horse Crazy are you?

How horse crazy are you? Do you think that you are horse obsessed? Or are horses just ok? This is the quiz to find out how much you love horses! Answer the simple questions and we'll see just how much you care about these amazing animals.

Do you have your own horse? Do you love horses but don't have your own horse? Or do you not really care about them much? This quiz is perfect for you all to take and find out just how much horses mean to you.

Created by: Mary

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  1. Do you have your own horse?
  2. Do you have lessons?
  3. Do you count the horses out the car window?
  4. Do you watch the saddle club?
  5. Which do you like better ponies or horses?
  6. Do you have a favourite horse?
  7. Do your friends hate horse riding but still you constantly talk about it?
  8. do you draw and write about horses whenever you can?(Even if you're not supposed to)
  9. Is you're computer AND diary AND room AND Myspace about horses
  10. Do you love being just you and your horse?

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Quiz topic: How Horse Crazy am I?