How Horse Crazy Are You?

Horses are magnificent animals but some who people own horses arn't as Horse Crazy as you should be. Some times people that think horses are just an animal should not own them becuase taking care of horses is not enjoyable for them like it should be.

This quiz is too determine how Horse Crazy you are. And also to determine how ready you are you own a horse becuase they always say be ready emotionally before everything else comes into play!

Created by: Aubrey
  1. What do you prefer?
  2. How long is enough horse time?
  3. What gender do you prefer?
  4. Horses smell
  5. How often do you ride? (Only if you have a horse or see one regularly)
  6. Which is better?
  7. What breed do you like best?
  8. If you have a horse do you kiss him/her on the cheek or nose?
  9. Groundwork?
  10. Horses Rock!

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Quiz topic: How Horse Crazy am I?