How horse crazy are you?

Horses are mammals in the equine family along with mules, donkeys, and zebras. Horses are considered very fast-running, loyal, and wonderful creatures along with companions. Some people like horses, others don't, but those people need to think again. The world's really smart people almost ALWAYS are horse-loving people.

Are YOU hose crazy? Are you called horse girl or horse boy? Cowgirl or cowboyboy? Jockey? Horse nut? Is your personal NICKNAME based on a horse? well whether it is or isn't, this is the right quiz for you! It'll inspire you to go out and love, help, and cherish horses! Take this quiz to find out how horse-crazy you REALLY are!

Created by: PintoStorm
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite animal family out of these?
  2. Which one would you rather do with your best friends?
  3. Which one of these movies would you rather watch with your best friends?
  4. Which of these places would you rather visit?
  5. Which of these 'P' words sound most appealing to you?
  6. In stars, how much would you rate your horse-craziness?
  7. Would you rather travel by...
  8. Who would you rather meet?
  9. Why r u taking this quiz?
  10. Which snack would you rather have while watching a movie?
  11. Which of these websites is best?
  12. While I'm spending time with my friends at a sleepover, I'd NEVER leave without my...
  13. Describe a 'Bay'.
  14. I'd rather receive ________ toy as a gift from the store for saving their reputation.

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Quiz topic: How horse crazy am I?