How Well Do You Know Horse Isle?

Horse Isle. Possibly the best Equine game out there. Probably is. I mean, it just HAS to be. Google it and join, if you haven't already. You certainly won't regret it! ;)

Are you a Horse Isle expert? In a few short minutes, we'll know. These are fairly easy questions, you just need some basic knowledge of the game, that's all. I'm guessing most people will score pretty high. Otherwise, prepare to be mocked. xD

Created by: Christa

  1. How many individual servers are there on Horse Isle?
  2. Are the creators of Horse Isle coming out with Horse Isle 2?
  3. Who is Horse Isle's artist?
  4. If you refer five players to Horse Isle, they subscribe, and continue to subscribe, what will happen?
  5. Which of the following disciplines is NOT available on Horse Isle?
  6. Has a player managed to train their horse to 100,000 experience?
  7. Non-subscribed players are allowed how many horses?
  8. How much money do you receive upon finishing 100% of your quests?
  9. Which is NOT an actual Isle?
  10. When is Horse Isle's Birthday?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Horse Isle?