Are you a horse expert?

The horse is a beautiful, mystifying, yet so very puzzling creature that has captured our imaginations throughout the ages. Lots of knowledge is required to work with, heal, and understand him.

So, are YOU a horse expert? Do you have what it takes to diagnose an ill horse's problem? Can you stick even the wildest of rides? Can you train even the most anxious youngster? Take the quiz and find out!

Created by: Felipa Fizzlebottom

  1. The rare Moyle horse is known for...
  2. The Przewalksi Wild Horse has how many chromosomes?
  3. What was the name of the first horse?
  4. Laminitis, also called founder, is caused by what?
  5. Which three horses can all modern Thoroughbreds trace their lineage to?
  6. Which of these is not a conformation fault?
  7. If you own a fast mare, a faster gelding, and an even faster stallion, which will win in a distaff race?
  8. In dressage, what are tempi changes?
  9. The famous Lipizanners of Austria are known to perform a sort of dance known as...
  10. The famous stallion Hickstead competed in which discipline?
  11. The most famous fictional horse created by author Walter Farley was known as...
  12. The horse's stifle is located where?
  13. If your horse is a kicker, what should he wear in a show?
  14. What is one of the main ways to tell the age of a horse?
  15. Which of these breeds is the fastest short-distance racer?
  16. In the wild, horses will form bands. Who will normally direct and lead a band?
  17. Which of these people is not a natural horsemanship trainer?
  18. What is the name of the famous palomino roan stallion of the Pryor Mountains, on the border of Montana and Wyoming?
  19. The Icelandic Horse's famous gait is called...
  20. What is the purpose of the martingale?
  21. The famous filly Ruffian ran her last race against which colt?
  22. Which two race horses clocked the fastest speed?
  23. Where would you find a horse's poverty line?
  24. What is the ideal pastern angle for the hind feet?
  25. Who is Stacy Westfall?

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