How much do you know about horses?

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Many people think they're experts on horses. Do you think you're a horse expert? ARE you REALLY a horse expert? That's what this quiz is for. ;) Please comment and rate!

Created by: Nakita

  1. First, an easy question! Which of these is not a real marking?
  2. Who leads a wild horse herd?
  3. True or false: The lead stallion is the only male horse in a herd, except for colts (male foals).
  4. Some signs of colic are...
  5. Random question! What's a pegasus?
  6. Where do horses originally come from?
  7. True or false: horses are desert animals.
  8. Easy question! What's a stallion?
  9. Which of these is not a possible coat color?
  10. Random question! In the book ___, a boy named Agba is sent to France with a horse named Sham and a number of other horses and there boys. But several problems occur, and no matter what, Agba must stay with Sham. Fill in the blank.
  11. True or False: Mustangs were the first horses
  12. Another eeasy one...Which of these is not a style of riding?
  13. What is currently the most popular breed of horse in the U.S.A.?
  14. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about horses?