How much do you really know about horses?

Some people know alot about horses, some people just think they do. What does it mean to know alot about horses? Well you probably know tons more if you've been around them before.

Do you think you know alot about horses? Maybe your not quiet sure? This test is a great way to find out tons about horses and see how smart you truly are. So common horse lovers check out this quiz and test your skills in just minutes!

Created by: savannah

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  1. Which of the following is NOT a breed of horse...
  2. If a horse in under 14.2 hands then it is considered a...
  3. Which one is NOT a type of saddle?
  4. What one is NOT actually a horse color?
  5. Which one is a horse sickness?
  6. Which part on the horse is on the bottom of its hoof?
  7. Which is not a part on a saddle?
  8. What is a farrier?
  9. What does hh stand for when talking about horses?
  10. What is another word for canter?
  11. Your horse is bucking while you are on your horse on a trail ride what do you do?

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about horses?