How much do you about horses?

Are you a horse genius? Well this quiz will tell you. But it completely accurate. If you love horses you will get most of these questions right ? 🐴🐎🐴🐎

lets see if you are a genius ........... Scroll down to start this quiz !! This quiz is for horse lovers only! This quiz is for horse lovers only !! ONLY

Created by: Hi three

  1. Where is the ergot?
  2. Which one of these isn't a western gait
  3. How do you tell a horses age without papers?
  4. What colour is buckskin?
  5. Which are brushes used to brush a horse?
  6. What is it called to make your horse run around in circles on a rope?
  7. What are some ways your horse can sleep?
  8. Where is the frog?
  9. Which one isn't a breed of horse?
  10. What does unsound mean?

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Quiz topic: How much do I about horses?