Do you know horses?

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Many people LOVE horses or even own one. Then they BOAST and they BOAST about how much they know. THEY BOAST AND THEY BOAST all day long. SIGH........

Are you sick of listening to this junk??!! Are YOU thinking about how YOU know so much more about horses, and wanna prove that YOU are a genius about horses ti your friends! If you take this quiz, you can find out!

Created by: ecarr0

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  1. Can horses vomit?
  2. When you lead a horse, should you walk directly in front of it so as to show it where to go?
  3. The following vitiman is vital to a breeding stallion:
  4. Can horses be allergic to bee stings?
  5. Martingale is used to:
  6. Which of the following breeds are represented by acronym PRE?
  7. Mare gestation lasts:
  8. Barrel racing was origanally intended for women.
  9. A foal should begin halter breaking within:
  10. Can a goat serve as a foster for an orphaned foal?
  11. The strongest horse in the world:
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Quiz topic: Do I know horses?