how much do you love horses?

see how much you really love horses! you may be sprised how much you love horses! just try this test and see what you get! It's ok if you get a bad score.

I wonder how much you love horses? Try taking this test to find out. If you like horses just a little bit, you probably won't do very well. If you really like horses you may even get 100%! I wish you good luck!

Created by: hannah
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  1. do you have any horse pictures in your room?
  2. do you take horse back riding lessons?
  3. on a scale to one to ten, than how much do you think you like horses?(lowest 0 and highest 10)
  4. what is a paint ?
  5. do you love the smell of horses?(not horse poop)
  6. how long have you been riding?
  7. who is your favorite race horse?( just wondering)
  8. what style do you ride?( if you don;t ride pick one you like)
  9. what horse has the ultimate pulling record?
  10. what do horse mainly eat?(hint, not treats)
  11. if you ride, how long do you plan on riding?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love horses?