are you a horse lover?

Horse lovers could rule the world someday. I'm a horse lover and these are my standards for if you truly, truly adore your horse-- like i do. We of the equine gene have a couple qualities that stick out and it's a really amazing thing, to love horses.

Do you truly love the equine world, the running of the horses, the pouning, thrumming of hooves under your saddle, the wind, the feel of the love of horses? Let's find out.

Created by: amazon
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  1. do you have a horse?
  2. If you do have a horse, how much do you ride?
  3. do you belong to a 4-H, ffa, or any other club concerning animals?
  4. Do you have dreams about horses and buy all of the horse junk stuff that they sell in magazines?
  5. Why do you think you do/do not love horses?
  6. iS your horse green?
  7. Have you ever heard of 'horse and rider' or 'back in the saddle' or any other horse related items purchasing magazines?
  8. Does your horse live in a stall, a pen, or a pasture?
  9. Do you think you love horses?
  10. Do you love the people that support your horse-craziness?

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Quiz topic: Am I a horse lover?