Are You a Horse Whisperer?

Have you heard about Horse Whisperers? Seen any on tv? Read about some in books? The way they bond with horses truly is amazing! But, how exactly did the Horse Whisperer get along with horses back when he was a beginner rider?

Whether you are advanced in your riding, or a beginner, you still have a chance at someday becoming an amazing Horse Whisperer! Take my quiz to find out if that person is YOU!

Created by: Hollie
  1. You need to catch Dreamie, a feisty chestnut mare, who doesn't like halters very well. She gallops away with her head high every time you come near her. You:
  2. After catching Dreamie, you are now grooming her. She loves the soft brush, but keeps pinning her ears at the currycomb. You:
  3. Dreamie won't lift her hooves for you to pick them, but you know that they are filthy. You finally get her to lift one, but she tries to kick you. You:
  4. Time to saddle! Dreamie does good, but when you have the bridle ready, she raises her head as high as she can so that you can't easily put it on. You:
  5. You are ready to ride Dreamie, but you want to make sure your girth is tight enough before you get on(Who wouldn't? This is Dreamie we're talking about!). She threatens to bite you with every pull you make on the girth. You:
  6. You are now seated on Dreamie's back! Thankfully, she does her warmup lap without any trouble. But when you ask for the trot, she won't stay on the rail for anything! You:
  7. With Dreamie now under control, you are ready for a smooth, right-lead canter. Only problem is, Dreamie doesn't take to that lead very well. Time after time she picks up the wrong lead. To help her, you:
  8. After a beautiful canter on the right lead, you turn around to do the left lead. All goes well until Dreamie spooks at car passing by way too fast! She stops on a dime, erupting in a fairly-high buck. You:
  9. You decide to try out the barrel racing pattern on Dreamie! She goes around the barrels with perfect speed, but when she arrives at the last barrel, you are 100 percent sure that she is about to gallop out of control. You:
  10. Time for a quick jumping lesson! BUT, here's the problem with Dreamie. She keeps refusing the jumps! You know that Dreamie has jumped even higher in the past. You:
  11. Hooray for Dreamie -- and you, too! You both made it through a LONG riding lesson! Dreamie is now relaxed as you groom her and give her treats for being such a good girl (more or less). Before long, she'll be your perfect horse! Anyway, what did you think of this quiz?

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