there is some people that love horses, there is also some people that can think like a horse. There is even some people that have such a big bond with horses that they can sort of understand them. I am a person with all those traits.

are you a horse lover? well if you are than this is the quiz for you! even if you don't love them or like them this is still a fun quiz. I love horses!!!!!!

Created by: hannah

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  1. if you were a horse and you saw a person try to put a lead rope on you when your eating than you
  2. your rider is very young and keeps kicking you, you
  3. your owner forgot to feed you and she heading towards the door to get out of the stable you
  4. you are on a trail ride with your owner,you see a wolf a few feet away you
  5. if you were a horse wich type would you be
  6. if you were a horse what color would you be
  7. if you were a horse what breed would you be
  8. if you were a horse than what would your favorite treat be
  9. how much do you love horses
  10. if you was a horse you would be

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