How much do you know about horses? (Easy.)

There are many people that love horses. some people, just like horses, but know nothing about them, probably they dont know much of what a horse is, whereas , some people , like me, have more experience and know more.

how much do YOU know about basic horse stuff? now you can take this easy quiz to find out! at the end of the quiz, you will get a 0%-100% score with a comment. Enjoy!

Created by: Clara

  1. How many breeds of horse are there?
  2. Is there such thing as a white horse?
  3. What colours do saddles come in?
  4. wich of these breeds is used for racing?
  5. how does a saddle look?
  6. what riding styles are there?
  7. from what side do you mount the horse?
  8. where does a horse live?
  9. which of these breeds is best at jumping?
  10. is a gelding a male horse that cant breed?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about horses? (Easy.)