Are you a real horseback rider?

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Horses are beautiful, powerful, and such a joy to ride! Many people admire horses from a safe distance, but others love them and spend their days riding, caring for their horses, or dreaming about ponies and blue ribbons.

Are you a horseback rider? Do you want to be a horseback rider? With this quiz, you can determine whether or not you know about horses, and if you are up to the task of riding!

Created by: emma

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  1. Have you ever ridden a horse?
  2. If you do ride, how advanced are you?
  3. Do you ride/own difficult horses?
  4. Have you ever gone to a show/competition?
  5. Do you love horses?
  6. What should you do if you're horse gets out of control?
  7. Which of the following horse breeds does not exist?
  8. How long have you ridden for?
  9. A girth holds the saddle on. What is a Western girth called?
  10. Are horses a BIG part of your life?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real horseback rider?