Are you a Serious Equestrian

Many people horseback ride, but are they serious about it? Do they want to become top dog or are they just doing it for leisure? Do they want to be great at this sport and become professional, or do they not even consider it a sport?

Find out what you ride for in this quiz! Are you ready for big competitions? Do like horses and not riding? Are you perfectly balanced between them? Take the quiz to see!

Created by: Nara

  1. You are getting your first horse! Congratulations! Which one do you chose?
  2. You can only stop by the barn for ten minutes today. What do you chose to do?
  3. How do you bathe a horse?
  4. You get disqualified at a competition. What do you do?
  5. Horse back riding is a sport.
  6. At the end of them lesson, your instructor tells you that you need to keep your horse at a more steady trot. How do you react?
  7. Groom or groom?
  8. You get one thousand dollars for your birthday. How do you you use it?
  9. You are invited to join the United States Equestrian Team. Do you except the offer?
  10. Last question: Your horse that you've had since you were a kid comes down with a life threatening illness. He doesn't have much time left and you can't affort the vet bill. What do you chose to do? (This has no effect on your answer)

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