Which Pony Are You?

You may know of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" - indeed, you may even be an avid follower. The series has gained a vast fandom reaching far beyond its target market, and is admired for its well-crafted, unique characters.

This being said, have you ever wondered which of these ponies you share the most traits with? Which of the so-called "Mane Six" you can most identify with? Even if you haven't, surely the thrill of being compared to a pony after just a couple of minutes must tempt you?

Created by: Izzy
  1. Which of these would best describe your voice?
  2. What about your hair? Anything distinctive about it
  3. Wohoo! There's a party coming up this weekend - are you there, or what?
  4. You're at a party (like or not) and the snack tables have just been unveiled! One has sweet foods, one has savouries. What do you do?
  5. Oh dear, looks like some people have gotten a bit out of hand - and someone tipsy is trying to pick a fight with your friend! What's your reaction?
  6. Whew! That was some party last night, and you've let yourself sleep in this morning. If it weren't for that crazy night, what time would you have gotten up?
  7. Once you're up, you make yourself some breakfast. How would you describe your culinary ability? (that is, your cooking skills)
  8. Time to put on a CD! Which of these genres would you rather listen to?
  9. Look at all the extra-curriculars the school is offering this term! Which one are you most looking forward to participating in?
  10. It's a sunny day outside! What are you going to do today?
  11. What would we find if we were to snoop in your cupboard?
  12. Which of these flaws/quirks can you most identify with?
  13. Hey, what exactly were you doing at the party, anyway?
  14. Are you musical at all?
  15. Oh my gosh, how could you forget - there's a test tomorrow! How do you prepare?
  16. April Fool's day is just around the corner - how do you plan to spend it?
  17. Which of these would upset you most if it happened to you within your friends group?
  18. While hooves are obviously the best things to wear at the end of one's legs, which of these is almost as awesome?
  19. We've all had names hurled at us before. Which of these have you been assaulted with?
  20. You will, of course, have a calling in life that you may or not have already discovered. Of those listed below, which seems to relate most to your personal capabilities?
  21. Which of these best describes your relationship with the other gender?
  22. Looks like the good weather's come and gone - the sky is swamped with gloomy clouds as rain starts to fall. How do you cope with this change of events?
  23. Someone - we'll call him "Bob" - compliments you on one of your skills that you pride yourself on doing well (e.g. writing, drawing). Which of these best mirrors your reaction?
  24. All of us need help at times, but it is also important to help others too. How do you assist your friends in need?
  25. An carnival day is coming up, and there are lots of fun things to try out! Which will you be putting your name down for first?
  26. Of course, there's more than just rides at the carnival - all day, there's be lots to look at or participate in. Which of these can you see yourself spending most of the day doing?

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