How well do you know My little pony, FIM?

"HI, Spike here,Have you ever heard the story of the Pony who knew EVERYTHING that goes on in equestria? Well, Legend has it that that pony could be found with a simple test."

"Wait,..Are YOU that PONY?? Find out with random questions about the songs, characters, cutie marks and more. And when your done, One of my friends will comment on your score" -Spike

Created by: Kiranda
  1. Who was trapped in the moon?
  2. The name of the mysterious Zebra Is...
  3. What species is Spike?
  4. Finish this song, "We are the cutie mark ______, on a quest to find out ____ we are,"
  5. What is Appleblooms cutie Mark?
  6. How do you get rid of parasprites?
  7. Who wanted to make Fluttershy, A STAR
  8. What happens to Fluttershy when she encounters Poison Joke
  9. Who has spike as an assistant
  10. Which is NOT a cutie mark of the six main pony Stars
  11. Another song Question!!! Name this song! "The time has come to welcome spring and all things warm and green, but its also time to say goodbye its winter we must clean..."
  12. What is pinkie pies Full Name
  13. Pinkie pie swear, Go!!!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know My little pony, FIM?