What Pony Are You?

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There are so many different pony breed out there! Here just a few, but which one are you? Answer the questions in this quiz to find who you might be!

Are you a Shetland pony, or maybe a Connemara? Are you a brilliant Show jumper, or a Fantastic racer? Whatever your talent, there's sure to be a pony breed to match it!

Created by: zigonyett
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  1. Are you perfect;
  2. Which season would these horses need a New Zeland rug out in the field or pasture?
  3. Which discipline to you excel?
  4. Pony care or Riding?
  5. Do you love fluffy little cuties or perfect show masters?
  6. Which clip would you use for a pony in light work in summer?
  7. Saddles - Synthetic or real leather.
  8. Would you use the bearing rein if you were driving to royalty?
  9. What's your favourite gait/pace?
  10. What's your favourite coat colour?
  11. How do you walk?
  12. What's your favourite colour?

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Quiz topic: What Pony am I?