what kind of pony are you

There are many kinds of ponies, but which are you? After all, the kind you are could be the perfect pony for you. not everyone in the world can be the same kind.

Are you fit to be a icelandic, connemara, or even a welsh pony? you never know what you will be, until you finish those last few questions, thanks to this great quiz.

Created by: Horsegirl

  1. Do you ride ponies, and if so, do you enjoy doing it?
  2. have you ever read the book canterwood crest?
  3. you are riding a pony alone in the forest, and if starts bucking. What do you do?
  4. from 1(worst)-10(best) how much do you like horses
  5. Have you heard of Sara Floid?
  6. if you had a pony, where would you want to be with it?
  7. if you got $1,000,000 what would you do with it
  8. why are you taking this test?(no effect on awnsers)
  9. are you hoping this quiz would just end?
  10. how much time would you spend with your pony?

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