What kind of pony are you

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There are many pony breeds out there and a few are on this test! What breed are you? You'll find out on this quiz! Are you a small or tall pony? You'll see!

Are you a good pony master mind? Use your smart skills to try to figure out what type of pony you are! You are going to figure out what type of pony you are1

Created by: Yass of ponybox
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  1. Do u like horses?
  2. Do u like loud noises?
  3. Are you a smart person?
  4. Do u like animals?
  5. Are u a good friend?
  6. You like this quiz?
  7. If you were a horse would you eat grass?
  8. If you were a wild horse, would you be the leader?
  9. If you ate hay, would u like it?
  10. If you had a saddle on your back, what would u do?

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