What ponyisland breed are you?

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This quiz if for mythical pony lovers that want to see their soul breed. Here you will answer 12 questions that will determine your pony. After wards you may go to the website Ponyisland, take the 30 day free trial or sign up fully and breed your soul breed!

I have not used all of the ponyisland breeds. Sorry for that but I was restricted to 10. You may check the ponyisland FAQ page for a list of ALL the breeds. Have fun! Sorry but I have a lot of spelling errors! If you don't like spelling errors I suggest you don't take the quiz!

Created by: Username2002
  1. You see a younger pony struggling to learn how to read.
  2. You see a group of ponies sitting around being bored.
  3. A couple of ponies are fighting. How do you stop them.
  4. Your friend introduces you to a pony.
  5. You see a pony in need. What do you do.
  6. You are given an assignment to go help people at the old ponies home.
  7. Do you like the hot or cold better.
  8. Which season do you like the most?
  9. Air, Water, Land, or Fire?
  10. Are you-

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Quiz topic: What ponyisland breed am I?