My little pony for fun (no wrong anwser)

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You Have Just been Invited to the Cutie mark crusaders Sleepover! You are on your way right now, Are you exited at all? You'd better be, for right now at least...

Will you have a good time? Remember, there is no right or wrong answer,just What you want to say. You have now, just arrived. See what happens next in the quiz.

Created by: Scootaloo
  1. Scootaloo: You're here! come in!
  2. Apple Bloom: Care for some apple juice? Sweetie Bell:We just made it!
  3. Sweetie Bell: Who wants to sing? Scootaloo:Me! Apple Bloom: Me! How about you?
  4. Scootaloo: Who wants to hear a ghost story after this?
  5. Scootaloo: Once,There was a Stormy forest,On a day just like this. It was 3:00,The deepest,Darkest,Time of night.
  6. Scootaloo: Then, Something glowing in the forest got brighter and brighter,Then It was in a tree house, Exactly like this one...
  8. Sweetie Bell:Who wants snacks?
  9. Sweetie Bell: I want to sing some more!
  10. Scootaloo: Sweetie Bell! Your Cutie Mark! Sweetie Bell:Hu? *Gasp*
  11. Scootaloo: For a Celebration, I'll ride around pony ville on my scooter while you guys ride in a wagon on the back!
  12. Apple Bloom: can I make the decor? Scootaloo: sure!
  13. Scootaloo:Hey apple bloom,I think you got some paint on your flank. Apple Bloom: This paint looks like a Apple with a paint brush...Wait..I think It's my...My CUTIE MARK!
  14. Scootaloo:I'll ride around town,Now that you are finished making the confetti,Apple Bloom,I can get started too!
  15. Sweetie Bell: Hey scootaloo,There's something on your flank... Scootaloo: *Stops* Hu? I think It's a Flaming wheel... Apple Bloom: Iv'e never seen paint look like that... Scootaloo: Wait, I can't rub it off... IT"S MY CUTIE MARK!!!!
  16. 30 Minutes Later.... Scootaloo:Let's head back,It's getting really dark.
  17. Later.... Scootaloo: Let's pillow fight! Sweetie Bell:Yeah! Apple Bloom: Uh Hu!
  18. A couple minutes later... Scootaloo: I think I won... Sweetie Bell: That WOULD Explain all the pillows on my face. Apple Bloom: Same here..
  19. Scootaloo: I think It's time for bed, I'm tired... Sweetie Bell: Yeah,Apple Jack will get us to wake up tommorrow... Apple Bloom : Yeah....
  20. Scootaloo:Goodnight! Apple Bloom: Night,ya'll Sweetie Bell:Good night!
  21. The next morning... Apple Jack: Oh my... You all got your cutie marks?
  22. Apple Jack:Let's go to eat at the barn. Apple Bloom:Great Idea,sis! Sweetie Bell: yeah! Scootaloo:yeah!
  23. After breakfast... Apple Bloom:Who wants to play? Sweetie Bell:Me! Scootaloo:Yeah, how about you?
  24. Your parents arrive and you Say bye.

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