My little pony sleepover

I'm a my little pony lover and I made and watched and did quizzes to help me more this quiz is not so good but this is my best second pony quiz . So enjoy!

A sleepover is a pony star quiz if you would like to know my first quiz by Aliza it's called my little pony test I think but I know it's on gotoquiz so please have fun

Created by: Aliza

  1. PINKIE..can I ask you a question? can I , can I ? ME .. Go on. PINKIE umm. Do you like party games?
  2. Princess Celestia comes and welcomes you to ponyvill your new home . What do you say ?
  3. What do you do if your pony friend is hurt and she is bored what would you do ?
  4. Little ponies run down and bump into you . SORRY said the CMC .
  5. Break time ! Said Rarity . Try this out . You didn't like it but you said ....
  6. Bye ? Doesn't count as score
  7. You see a pony alone on a bench you ?...
  8. You see a pony get there cutie mark and the cutie mark crusaders look sad you.......
  9. Do you like sleepovers ?
  10. Bye did you like this ? ( doesn't count )

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