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  • Abortion Debate
  • So I have a question
    "@SprinkledSpice There is no epidemic of the justice system failing to prosecute black perpetrators or vindicate white victims."
  • So I have a question
    "I'm not sure why no one else has told you this but there is literally no feasible way for you to support both Back the Blue and BLM. BLM is ..."
  • "associated press is really unbiased, i recommend it. it's where a lot of news outlets purchase stories from."
  • "infowars LMAO"
  • hi
  • Abortion Debate
    "Fetuses do not perceive touch at all until 24 weeks gestation and do not perceive pain until 35 weeks. 35 weeks is equivalent to about 8.75 ..."
  • hi
    "the used to be a girl here forever ago who had like a bunch of different accounts for each sailor senshi lol"
  • hi
    "nah its been sailor mercury for like two years im tired of it lol"
  • hi
    "Yess uwu"
  • "one time when i was 13 i made a post in the garden about how jesus christ is black."
  • hi
    "im ok lol, you?"
  • hi
    "[just starts screaming]"
  • "hnhngngn do tell"
  • hi
    "are you the person whose name was dark and then a bunch of numbers? if so i remember u..... yes"

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