How young or old will you die?

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There are lots of quizzes to see how you'll die, but not many to see when you'll die. ya go. :P

Created by: Nakita

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  1. How do you feel about your family?
  2. You're walking home in a downpour of rain. Then, the rain starts freezing, turning into hail, and it's seriously stinging. A car pulls up, and the guy inside asks you if you'd like a ride home. You...
  3. What if the guy in the car offers to pay you a million dollars?
  4. Does your family have a history of people dying young?
  5. Do you ever have suicidal thoughts?
  6. Which do you have more of: friends or enemies?
  7. A gun/taser, a cellphone, another human being, a dog, and alarm system.
  8. Do you usually keep the doors of your house locked?
  9. This is to take up space :/
  10. Why do you think people ask what people think of their quiz if they can't see what people answered? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: How young or old will I die?