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At a HBHS Young Life club in May 2010, we did a "Get to know Your Friends" competition. Everyone there wrote down 5 interesting facts about themselves on a notecard. After splitting into two teams, they bidded on how many facts they could guess a person from another team in.

Not all names were used in the mixer, so I decided to make a HBHS people trivia quiz to challenge you Young Life goers about how well you know everyone. Good Luck!

Created by: Mandy Lions of this site
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  1. Name that Person: 1. I want to marry Taylor Launter 2. I love the Twilight 3. I love to do wheelies on motorcycles 4. I go down to Lower River Road every weekend. 5. My favorite color is yellow!
  2. Name that person: 1. I am adopted 2. My birthday is Nov. 25, 1992 3. I've said "Oh $**t in front of 2,000 people 4. I love broccoli 5. My original name is Sebastian
  3. "Name that person: 1. I like traveling 2. I like to roller blade 3. I have 26 cousins (just on my mom's side) 4. I'm 17 5. I played 2 sports this year.
  4. Name that person: 1. I have one dog 2. I don't have any cats 3. I wear shoes 4. I don't like running, but I sort of do. 5. My name is the same as 10 other people in my family.
  5. Name that person: 1. My ticket number for tonight is 428947 2. Soda burns my tongue 3. I have never had a real pet 4. I have 12 pairs of shoes 5. I have stock in Starbucks
  6. Name that person: 1. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters 2. I grew up in Alaska 3. I can shake my eyes 4. I love Cold Stone 5. I found a lost cat and named him Frankie
  7. Name that person: 1. I was born in Cali 2. I don't have a dog 3. I have two cats 4. I am an only child 5. I show up late to first period every day
  8. Name that person: 1. I had seven stiches 2. I got most friendly in 7th grade 3. I love the outdoors 4. I've wanted a Mustang since I was little 5. I broke a teachers document camera
  9. Name that person: 1. I have an ex-step sister named Amanda. 2. My birthday is in May 3. My hair is brown 4. I have a little brother 5. I don't have my lisence yet
  10. Name that person: 1. I play sports 2. I'm an only child 3. My natural hair color is brown 4. I have brown eyes 5. I was born during the summer
  11. Name that person: 1. I'm a summer baby 2. My mom broke my leg when I was 3 3. I have 2 sisters 4. My middle name is Danae 5. My arms are double jointed
  12. Name that person: 1. I'm related to Johnny Cash 2. I lived in a trailer park when I was 6 3. I've wrestled an aligator before 4. I had an appendectimy a year ago 5. I won the junior championship for bucking sheep at the state fair when I was 7
  13. Name that person: 1. I have one niece and one nephew 2. I love to shop 3. I now go down to lower river on weekends 4. I love to ride (going fast) on motorcycles 5. I live with my aunt

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