How do you smell? 2

Welcome to Version 2 of my How do you smell? quiz! To compare most people who I gave the quiz to scored around a 70%! Each edition comes 31 days after the previous one, so check back on August 19!

I have deleted any references to certain countries in Edition #2, as I know that not every Frenchman or Frenchwoman smells bad, and the questions should be able to tell on their own. Enjoy!

Created by: Matt
  1. How often do you shower?
  2. Do you wear a fragrance?
  3. Do you wear deodorant or antiperspirant?
  4. Does the opposite sex have intrest in you?
  5. Do you enjoy camping?
  6. How often are you told that you smell good?
  7. Are you "Stinkaphobic"?
  8. Does someone who smells good like or love you?
  9. If your girlfriend or boyfriend just went to the gym, and you smelled GOOD would you hug them?
  10. For males only, do you use AXE?
  11. Have you ever been told that you smell good late in the day at school, camp, or work?
  12. Would you rather have a fragraance last all day and be a tad to strong until 9 AM or have it fade by lunchtime?
  13. Have you ever gotten told that you smelled good when you were not so sure?
  14. Is your sweat very stinky?
  15. How would you smell if you played sports for 30 minutes in 70 Degree temperatures?
  16. Is smell a category you care about when picking a lover?
  17. AGAIN: How often do you shower?
  18. If you feel that you smell bad, will you ever "wash" in the sink?
  19. Do you enjoy walking past a fine smelling person?
  20. Do you smell good?
  21. Do you care how you smell?
  22. If you get sweaty, will you shower afterwards, before going out in public?

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