How do you smell?

Most people where I am from, in the United States, smell very good. I would like to see how many people actually pass as smelling great. Remember that over 90% of Americans smell very good!

Do YOU smell good? I have asked how often you shower twice, because that is very important. Your age and gender does not affect the outcome of this quiz! Good luck!

Created by: Matt
  1. How often do you shower?
  2. Do you wear cologne or perfume?
  3. Does the other gender seem attracted to you?
  4. What country do you live in?
  5. How do other people in your country smell to you?
  6. Are you actively trying to smell good?
  7. How often do people tell you that you smell good?
  8. Do you shower when you sweat?
  9. Do you use AXE or another body spray as a replacement for a cologne? For women and girls, do you think it smells good?
  10. Do you have or want to have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  11. How often do you brush your teeth?
  12. This is important! How often do you shower?
  13. Do you wear deodorant?
  14. How does your deodorant smell to the people you are attracting?
  15. How active are your sweat glands?
  16. Do you shower before going out in public if you eat foul-smelling food such as garlic or onions?
  17. How do people think you smell on a scale of 1-10?
  18. Do you sit near people who smell good? (Their smell may get on you slightly.)
  19. Do the French smell good?
  20. When you stool, do you shower afterwards, before going out in public?
  21. How do you think you smell?

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