Which one of my OCs are you? *2019 edition*

Since I've been getting back into Gotoquiz this week, I thought I'd make a quiz just like old times. Here's an updated version of a quiz I previously made talking about five of my OCs.

So just a heads up, all of these characters are female and most of them are teenagers with the exception of Margaret and Aysa. However this quiz is judged on personality rather than gender, age, or race.

Created by: S_E_

  1. If someone betrayed you in the worst possible way, what would your response be?
  2. How many people would you consider to be your best friend?
  3. What's your relationship with your sibling[s]?
  4. If someone asks you for forgiveness, do you give it to them?
  5. Do you like kids?
  6. Could you see yourself settling down and getting married?
  7. Which time period could you see yourself living in? (These aren't necessarily the time periods of the characters)
  8. What's your favorite part of holidays?
  9. Where would you most like to live?
  10. And finally, what situation you you find the worst?

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Quiz topic: Which one of my OCs am I? *2019 edition*