How Well Do You Know Wings of Fire Legends Darkstalker?

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Hi! So... first of all, this quiz is the updated version of my other quiz by Jewel the Powerbrid(me before I got my account). I hope you enjoy this quiz.

Also, er, don't take my other quiz 'cuz THIS ONE IS UPDATED AND BETTER as I already said :D. And finally, this quiz is loooooooooooooooooong, so be ready!

Created by: Goldenstar
  1. Is Darkstalker an animus or hybrid?
  2. Who is Darkstalker's father?
  3. Who is Darkstalker's mother?
  4. Does Darkstalker have a sibling? If so, what is their name?
  5. Who does Darkstalker love, as in mate?
  6. What power(s) did Darkstalker get from the moons?
  7. What does Darkstalker look like?
  8. Is Darkstalker male or female?
  9. How does Whiteout die?
  10. Who is Fathom's crush?
  11. What powers does Clearsight get from the moons?
  12. Who are Clearsight's parents?
  13. Who does Fathom kill?
  14. Why doesn't the NightWing queen want Whiteout at her court parties?
  15. What happened to Indigo?
  16. Alright! Let's do some hard memory questions! Hope you read the Dragon Guides at the beginning of every book! Just so you know, my questions are all related to this era.Who is the MudWing queen?
  17. Who is the SandWing queen?
  18. Who is the SkyWing queen?
  19. Who below is one of the SeaWing queens?
  20. Who is the RainWing queen?
  21. Who is the IceWing queen?
  22. Last question :) Who is the NightWIng queen?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Wings of Fire Legends Darkstalker?