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  • Once again I return
    "Just here to bump don't mind me <3"
  • Once again I return
    "Oh thank you!"
  • Once again I return
    "Thank you!"
  • Once again I return
    "I think this is my favorite username I have"
  • Once again I return
    "This was just a little thing before I head to bed, lol. Thus begins my latest gtq binge"
  • Once again I return
    "Sorry I didn't see that other people were replying to this oops"
  • Once again I return
    "Oh hi!"
  • Once again I return
    "That being said, in the end I always come back to gtq. Making random threads like this feels like I'm truly talking to the void vs even just..."
  • Once again I return
    "Last night I dug through my wattpad account looking to see if I could find anything from around the time I came out and it made me extremely..."
  • Once again I return
    "I love it here this is my comfort website I think if I lost my log in for gtq I would actually have to to die"
  • Splash Mountain
    "Okay so I got my test results back today and I'm negative apparently but my throat's been sore? Can you get a sore throat from stress?"
  • Splash Mountain
    "So my grandmother has covid and she and I share a bedroom. My parents don't want my brother to come in here, but what about me? I'm just stu..."
  • "https://www.gotoquiz.com/forum/offbeat..."
  • S_E_!
  • "(Sorry to leave you hanging! Do you still want to continue or are you done with this story? I'm fine either way.)"

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