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  • Splash Mountain
    "Okay so I got my test results back today and I'm negative apparently but my throat's been sore? Can you get a sore throat from stress?"
  • Splash Mountain
    "So my grandmother has covid and she and I share a bedroom. My parents don't want my brother to come in here, but what about me? I'm just stu..."
  • "https://www.gotoquiz.com/forum/offbeat..."
  • S_E_!
  • Does anyone wanna 1x1 rp?
    "(Sorry to leave you hanging! Do you still want to continue or are you done with this story? I'm fine either way.)"
  • Splash Mountain
    "Bruh I'm deadass not on here anymore"
  • Splash Mountain
    "I really don't make myself happy. This is sad :("
  • Please help me
  • Splash Mountain
    "I'm super excited even though it's going to be virtual"
  • Splash Mountain
    "I start my senior year in the morning. That's so weird to think about. I feel like just yesterday I started seventh grade. It feels w..."
  • Does anyone wanna 1x1 rp?
    "Helies nodded. "Uh, okay." He continued collecting, but kept stealing glances at Dorvakin. "You're an elf, aren't you?""
  • Splash Mountain
    "Who gave me the audacity to have a crush on the guy I liked in seventh grade going into my senior year?"
  • Does anyone wanna 1x1 rp?
    "Helies nodded. "Um, okay." Standing up, he surveyed the ground for fallen sticks or branches. "I've never done this before.""
  • Does anyone wanna 1x1 rp?
    "Tjruna sighed and cursed under her breath, grabbing a her dagger. "I'll see what I can do. You two stay here, get a fire started or somethin..."
  • Splash Mountain
    "Wish I had the motivation to write because that's all I wanna do"

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