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  • I got Cameron S_E I was wondering if it was ok if you used one my oc`s in the story she wouldn't have a romance with any one but sort of be the readers guardian ill go get her info if you don't want to its absolutely fine

    I loved this as usual can the women die please pretty please she`s annoying love carter xxxxxxxxxxx

    Puppet master12
  • here she is :)
    Name : Carter Cat
    Age : does t have one
    Species : poisonlethian

    Abilities' : can control others thoughts and body's and poisons she can turn your blood to poison if she touches you and says the words

    Looks : dark red hair Amber yes can change to black silver or purple pale white skin

    Wears : a black leather suit

    Weapons : sai , senbon , kaynan , Kunai shurkien fans matches

    Perosnlily : minor pyromaniana hot headed
    Fiery , mysterious

    She could appear and follow the main character but the other cannot see her until she makes her self shown ( preferably not the same part she is introduced in )

    She goes by Cheshire cat

    She has a grin like the Cheshire cat and can vanish and do what it can do

    She can help the main character but not be helpful

    Please use her but don't feel pressured :) love puppet

    Puppet master12
  • Cool!


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