Raven in Flight 6

Yay, part six! This one took alot of time and effort, and I hope you enjoy it. I'm really exited because I've had this really awesome idea for awhile, because of a song. I don't know what the song is, but it's a slower tempo and the first few words would be awesome for an ending!

Sorry for spelling mistakes, this is dedicated to Kat, Puppet, Marcy(and Simon). Please rate and comment. Unless you don't have an account, then just rate me, please. Also, check out my other quizzes!

Created by: S_E_

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  1. Before we start, are you Marcy or Puppet? I'm really serious here, they forced me to.
  2. Okay, recap: Somebody kidnapped you.
  3. When you wake up, it's blurry. The veiw comes into focus, and you see that you're in a large dark room. Through the windows, you see the sky is dark. You go to sit up, but the covers pull you into the laying down position. You hear a cold, stern, voice say: "I don't care! She must marry my son to prove that we were right!" You pretend to be asleep as thhe door opens.
  4. Two men dressed in black amor enter the room, as you pretend to sleep. You hear heels clicking over to the emd of the bed. "This weakling? She looks terrible. What is her name?" "_____," One gaurd says. The woman opens her mouth, then shuts it. "She is awake. Cast the spell!" The gaurd mutters something, and you're hovering over to the woman. "Open your eyes!" She commands. You do, and immeadietly wish you hadn't. Her hair is to the floor, blacker than Zachs even. Her skin is whiter than Snow White's, and her gold eyes icy. "She simply will not do like this. Fix her!" She waves her hand and clicks away, reminding you of someone...
  5. The gaurds lead you into a room that looks like somebody tried to put a spa in a dungeon. The attendants looked like teachers who would much rather be somewhere other than school. You're taken to a chair that latches over you. One attendant takes what looks like a lazer pointer and shines it in both eyes. "Aah!" You screech. You look in the mirror across from you and see that your eyes are turning gold, like the woman's. You want to scream in horror, but the attendants are to busy taking off your pajamas. You're placeed in a large tub, that's filled with a burning liquid. It scorches your skin to the pale snow color. You are taken out of the bath, and sat down in the chair again. Something tugs at your hair, and it starts to feel much longer. They pour what you can only asume is hair dye iver your _______ colered hair. They let you out of the chair and dress you in the same black robes as the woman. You look in the mirror as they strap heels on your feet, then the gaurds bring you back to your room. You think, how will ____ recognize me..."
  6. When you arrive at your cell, the door is locked behind you. Outside the door you hear the clicking of heels. The woman enters the room again, and you notice a black crown on her head. "Much better." She says. "Now tell me, _____, how long have you known about the prophecy?" She holds you by your chin, so you can barely talk. "A.... few.... dayss..." You gasp. She nods. "Right. And do you know why you must marry Zach?" You shake your head. "Or Cameron." She glares at you. "Cameron? That swine? He's not my son! My husband was unfaithful!" She slaps you and leaves.
  7. You stand by the door. Down the hall, you here someone running. You see Zach in a suit, with a crown on his head. He runs past your cell, then backtracks. "Why hello- _____! I heard the rumors that you were here!" You roll your eyes. "Zach, get me-" "Lovin' the new look, by the way." You start breathing heavily. "Zach, we don't have time for this! Get me out of here..."(finish)
  8. "Okay." He opens the cell door. "Theres a window down the hall that I used to jump out when I was younger. You know, 'cause I can fly." Guards surround you. You you breath slow, and try to focus, and time slows down. Zach falling, the guards shooting. You grab Zach's hand, and race down the hall, blowing the gaurds aside. Time speeds up again a few feet from the window. You and Zach jump through the glass, and glass shards whip around trying to rearrange themselves. One badly cuts your shoulder, and you start to fall. You see a winged figure try to atch you...
  9. When you wake up, Kyle is staring into your face. You sit up, and voices are hazy. You see Cameron yelling at Zach, who's yelling back. Kyle tries to push you back down, and whispers: "Don't worry, everything is fine. They can't hurt you, sweet _____." He kisses your cheek and you start to fall back asleep. The last thing you see is Brandon racing in and yelling something that alarms the others. You try to sit up, but fall back down and blackout.
  10. Thank you, please comment and rate! Bye!

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