Raven in Flight 5

Yay, part five! Zach's back, and the chapter is action packed! Once again, sorry about no pictures. I just need more comments. Filling up space. It's my brother's birthday today. I think that just having this last scentance should do the trick.

So, a shout out to my home girls, Puppet and Marcy, who support this series and love Cameron. Also to Kat, because her vampire series rocks! So yeah, check out Puppetmaster12, Marceline101, and Karqueen45.

Created by: S_E_

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  1. "Stop it!" You yell. Cassandra fades into darkness, and Zach's hivering over you. "Good morning sunshine!" He says smiling. "Kyle!!!!!!!!" You yell. Two days have passed since the incedent with Cameron, and the night before you had learned that Zach would be living with you guys. He got the room he tied you up in.
  2. At breakfast, Zach wont stop talking. "Could he be worse?" You ask Brandon. "I know," He says. "At least SHE stops talking!" He nods to Cassandra, who quietly eats her cereal. You decide to stop eating and go into the library for some peace and quiet. Cameron and Jack walk in. "Hey, I'm sorry about the other night," Jack says. You put the book down.
  3. Jack sighs "It's just that-" Cameron stops him. "It's my story to tell. I'm Zach's half brother." He says. You gasp. "But we're pretty sure you marry him... sadly." He stares at you, and you expect Jack to punch him, but he gets up and leaves. "I'm sorry." Jack says. "It's just... we've kinda been fighting over you." In almost an instant, he's sat next to you, with his arm around you. "I love you _____,"
  4. He pulls in and kisses you neck softly. He pulls away a little. "I want to protect you, so you never get hurt." He kisses your lips, soft first then hard. You guys have bent over, when you hear: "Have I walked in oon a moment? Oh dear me," Jack sits up. "ZACH YOU b------ GET BACK HERE!" The two race down the hall, and you go back to your room.
  5. You decide to take a shower, and change into:
  6. You step out if the bathroom, and Brandon's sitting on your bed. "Oh, wow." He says, looking at your pajamas(that you are hopefully wearing). "I'm sorry, I should leave, what was I thinking?" He goes to leave. "No Brandon, ugh." You say. "You obviously came here for a reason." He sits back down, and you sit too. "So, Zach ran around saying that you made out with Jack," He says. "And Cameron," You mumble without thinking. "WHAT?" He yells. "The two of them? It's just like them to both make a stand by kissing a girl." He says. You get defensive. "They both said they love me." You say. "Oh sure, they may say that now, but-" He stops ranting and comes in to kiss you. Startled, you fall to the floor. Zach and Cassandra happen to choose that exact time to come harass you. Jack, Cameron and Kyle burst in. "Get out of here Zach!" Someone yells. "EVERYBODY GET OUT OF HERE!" You yell. Then you pass out. "_____!"
  7. When you wake up, there's somebody lying on either side of you, asleep. You sit up, and see it's Cameron and Zach. You kiss one on the cheek, and step out of your bed. Brandon and Kyle are asleep in a chair, and Cassandra's sleeping on the floor. You go open the door to your room, and Jack falls on you, asleep against the door. You go downstairs and outside, and stare at the night sky. "Wow," you say.
  8. You stare at the stars, and a bag drops over your head, releasing sleeping gas.
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