Raven in Flight 3

And we are back! This time I'm introducing a new character, Zach. And you'll know why you're here. This entire chapter is so cliche, by tht way. Literary elements!

Kidnapping! More strange guys! Magic! Backstory! More magic! Even more magic! Humor! Basing one result off of my dream boy! No, it is most definatly NOT Zach! It IS either Cameron or Jack!

Created by: S_E_
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  1. Recap: You gots some crazy dreams, and now you're waking up. *thumbs up*?
  2. You wake up(for reals) and see...
  3. ...that you're in a different room! You look around and see two windows, and on the opposite wall there's a small wood door. You try to sit up, but you're tied to the bed! A figure stands in the corner. "Are you awake?" A semi-deep voice calls. "Yes," you say.
  4. "Good," He says. He steps over to you, and you see that his hair is blackand his eyes are yellow. "Because this is important. _____, the other four are lying to you! They are going to trick you into joining the wrong aliance! They don't even know how bad this will turn out!" "What?" You ask. He smirks. "Okay, so maybe part of that wasn't true. I'm Zach, by the by. He leans down to kiss you, when he freezes. Time freezes, to be exact.
  5. All of a sudden, the door bursts open and Kyle rushes through. "Kyle!" You say. "What? You're amune to the time spell?" He says. He knocks hard into Zach, but nothing happens. Time starts again, and Zach is sent flying. The others come racing in. "What lies did you tell her?" Cameron shouts at Zach. Zach jumps out the window and flies away. "Guys," Kyle says. "She's amune."
  6. Brandon walks over. "No, she can't be! If she is, that means we have to start way to soon-" "What just happened? Everything except for Kyle and I froze!" Kyle shoots Brandon a so-there look. Brandon unties you. "This is a long story..."
  7. "A long time ago, there was a war. Humans weren't involved though. There was a different kind of people, people with special gifts. Some were afraid of the humans, just as humans were afraid of them. Humans wanted to hunt them down, and called them witches. That one group wanted to use their gifts against humans, as a weapon. But the other group wanted peace. They wanted to live peacefully amongst humans, and some even wanted to use their gifts to help the humans. There was a terrible war, and the rulers of both sides traveled far to meet an old witch in the mountains. Both were nursing newborns. Those who wanted peace had a girl. Those who wanted war had a boy. The witch told them that wedding their children was the only way to save both sides from doom, but both sides refused. The witch then took the newborns and killed them-" You shudder. " ...and cast a spell that would reincarnate their spirits into the descendants of the rulers, only if they were to be married. Those who wanted peace lived with the humans in peace, interspecies breeding lowering the number of children born with abilities. Those who wanted war retreated to the old world, never contacting humans again. Since the ratio of children on earth born with abilities is 1:5,000,000, anyone could be the princess. However, finding the prince was easy. You just met Prince Zachary, or Zach. If we are correct, which we usually are, you are the princess, and it is our duty to protect you." The guys all got down on one knee.
  8. "What are your powers?" You ask. Cameron steps forward. "I'm a shapeshifter." He turns into a phoenix. "Brandon can conquer illusions, but he has yet to conquer his fear of shareing his feelings." All of a sudden a woman comes and slaps Cameron. You then realize the woman is really Brandon. "Anyhow, Kyle can control time, Jack has neuro stuff-" "Mind over matter!" Jack yells. "Right. And Zach has darkness." "Okay, so what do I have?"
  9. "Well, we don't exactly know." Brandon says. "But you do have amunity to time!" Kyle says. "And probally light!" Jack points out. "Guys, she's THE princess. She can probally do everything we can do, and more!" Cameron says "One more question," You say. "Who was that girl?"
  10. "That was Cassandra. She's Zach's pawn." Cameron says. "I also believe he's 'used' her." Kyle adds with a smirk. "Yeah..." Cameron says. "She can send herself places telepathicly."
  11. Once again,
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