Raven in Flight 4

Yay, part four! I'm sorry I couldn't get pictures, I'm on a dsi so pictureis kinda an empty promise. Anywho Zach fans-#Zach- will be dissapointed by the lack of Zach. However there is no shortage of Cameron-#Cameron-...(smooch!)

You find the library, and Cameron shows you a secret passage! Then you guys kiss, and Jack finds out! Then Jack warns you to stay away from Cameron, who then kisses you again!

Created by: S_E_
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  1. Recap: you just found out you're a princess with powers.
  2. The guys lead you back to your room so you can change, then you eat breakfast. You sit next to:
  3. "So _____," He says. "We won't lock you up today. You know the dangers of leaving." You nod. "So does this place have a library?" You ask. "Uh-huh." Cameron says. "I'll show you."
  4. When you're in the librarry, you get so absorbed in a book that you're there all day! The guys all come to check on you, Cameron being the last. "That's my faveorite book..." He says.
  5. He laughs. "Come on, _____, I wanna show you something." You put the book down and he grabs your hand. He goes to the fireplace and pushes on a stone. It moves to reveal a small stairway. Going through, you notice his muscels. You giggle. The stairway leads to a bedroom. "Is this your room?" You ask. He nods.
  6. Cameron motions for you to sit on the bed with him. He looks at your face in deep though, and moves some hair out of it. "Oh, _____, you're so pretty..." Suddenly he pulls you close, and his lips find yours. He wraps him arms around you, when you hear the door opening. "Hey Cam-" Horrified, you pull away from the kiss and see Jack standing in the doorway, shocked.
  7. Jack walks back down to the kitchen, and you and Cameron follow. "Hey, _____, are you okay? You're blushing." Kyle says. You and Cameron look at eachother. "Uuhh..."
  8. Later that evening, you walk back upstairs. Jack happens to be walking in the oposite direction,and stops you. "I don't know what I walked in on, and I know it wasn't your fault, but stay away from him..." You see that Cameron is watching from his doorway, and when Jack is gone you go talk to him. "What was that all about?" You ask, your lips still tingling, wanting more. "I'm sorry _____, I truly am, it's just-" He looks at you again. "You're even prettier in moonlight." He kisses you again, this time just a peck.
  9. Once again:
  10. If I don't get comments, you don't get part 5!

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