Raven in Flight 2

Welcome to Raven in Flight:2! First off, Apologies! I didn't make a result for anything other than the guys! But to make up for it, you have, the Craziest dream ever. Romance elements!:

Mansion, four guys, don't know where you are, dresses, crazy dreams that may or may not contribute to the over all conflict, other girls who look like you!

Created by: S_E_
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  1. Recap: Four guys have just kidnapped you and now it's dinner time. Sound good?
  2. The dark-haired guy puts a keesh on the table. The blonde guy grabs a slice. They all look casual in the modern kitchen, almost as if they hadn't just kidnapped you. "Introductions, then answers. I'm Brandon." The sand-haired guy says. "Cameron." The dark-haired one says. "Kyle." The blonde one says. "And I'm Jack." The fourth guy says. "_______." You say.
  3. "Anywho," Brandon says, "Sorry we kidnapped you. Kyle shot you-" "Hi!" Kyle waves. "-Yes we locked the door, we have no intentions of ill-fortune, aaaaannd the bathroom is right behind you!" He swings his arms smiling at the last part. "Okay... Where am I?" "In the kitchen," Jack grins. Right, you think.
  4. "Okay, but do I get a town? State? Country? Continent?" They look at you funny. Brandon sighs. "As fun as it is holding a strange and beautiful girl hostage, we can't tell you. For safety." You scoff. "Saftey? What, if I run away because I know where I am, will Wolves eat me?" Everybody nodded. "Instant death!" Kyle said a deep voice, jokingly.
  5. After that dinner is quiet. "Nice keesh," you say. "Thanks." Cameron says. Jack looks at your dress again. "Sorry about the whole modern-kitchen thing. There is a formal dining room, but weonly use it on like holidays." He flashes you a smile.
  6. After dinner, you go back to your room and take a bubble bath. You find a silk nightgown and put t on. You look at you self in the mirror. You have long carmel-brown hair that goes halfway down your back, and pretty brown eyes. You curl up on the bed, and when you are about to fall asleep, somebody tucks you in.
  7. While you're asleep, you have a dream. Your mom and Dad are there, and your dad is having another heart attack! There's a phone beside him that only you can reach to save his life! But on the other side of you, there's a set of keys. The guys are sitting in a car waiting for you. "Choose." They say in unision. "_____!" Your dad gasps. A girl who looks like you but with darker hair steps out of the woods in front of you. Behind you is the mansion. To your left is a city. To your right is an endless road. "Don't worry about who you choose," She says grinning. "I could always take your place!" She laughs, and splits in two. One of her picks up the phone and calls 911. She then goes to comfort your dad. The other grabs the keys, then goees and kisses eack one of the guys. "Your father can get a new, better daughter," One starts. "And your friends can get a new girlfriend." The other finishes. She gives(choose a guy) a long kiss. The other girl turns back to your father. "I love you, Dad," she says. Which do you choose?
  8. You go to grab whichever you chose, when the world shatters like glass. "Wakey wakey!" You hear the girl's voice. You open your eyes and she's leaning over you. You scram, and she disapears laughing.
  9. You wake up(for reals), and scram, because you see...
  10. Thanks for reading Raven in Flight:2! Please rate and comment! Bye!

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