What princess are you?(My little pony)

Wich My little pony princess are you? Tell me now! Oh, wait, you don't know yet. Tell me in the comments. Have a nice day! *waves* *continue's waving* It is fun to wave at nothing.

Luna: dark and mysterious. Cadence: fun and loving. Celestia: Wise and responsible. Twilight: Smart and stubborn. Have fun!Derpy: grey with yellow mane. Cutie mark of bubbles.

Created by: S_E_

  1. You put who first?
  2. Your talent would be...
  3. Pick one:
  4. Wich is better, cake or ice cream?
  5. Oh no! Queen Crysalis has changed into you! What does she sing in her song?
  6. The song is called...
  7. Someone steals something from you! Who do you blame?
  8. Lets go see...
  9. Pick-a-pony:
  10. This quiz was:

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Quiz topic: What princess am I?(My little pony)