How much do you know about princess twilight sparkle?

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There are some people, like me, who are curious about princess twilight. Are you one of those people? Well, take this quiz to find out in less than two minutes.

It all started when I was looking into some my little pony pictures, then I wondered about twilight. So I was searching until I found this website. Now here it is, my very own quiz!

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  1. Ok why did you choose to take this quiz?
  2. How did twilight sparkle got her wings?
  3. In what episode did twilight sparkle become an alicorn?
  4. What is twilight's pet owl's name?
  5. How did twilight's home got destroyed?
  6. What was the chest surprise?
  7. How many alicorn sisters does princess twilight have?
  8. Who was causing all the trouble in the episode of princess twilight part 1 and 2?
  9. Who was causing all the trouble in Twilight's Kingdom part 1 and 2?
  10. Ok... This will not have effect. Who do you think princess twilight sparkle will marry?
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. Will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about princess twilight sparkle?