MLP cutie mark quiz

There are many smart ponies around for example Twilight Sparkle and a dumb pony/ egghead is Rainbow Dash all Rainbow Dash care is coolness awesome and speed.

What's your favorite pony? Mines Rainbow Dash my second one is Twilight Sparkle my favorite princess is princess Twilight Sparkle my second one is princess Luna

Created by: Rachel of Mlp Cutie mark test
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  1. Who is the youngest pony?
  2. Who made the Wonderbolts ( it said in the episode testing testing 123 )
  3. What was Twilight being in the episode hearth's warming eve?
  4. In Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks who was the lead singer?
  5. How many bad guys are they in season 1,2,3, and 4?
  6. Is Derpy in the episode a friend in deed?
  7. In bridle gossip what happend to Fluttershy
  8. What is it called when Rainbow Dash flies really fast and a rainbow thing shot out?
  9. What is Rarity's pet cat called?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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