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"This is the Zelda Twilight Princess Quiz and it will ask you many questions all throughout the game of Zelda Twilight Princess. If you have not played it or finished the game, I suggest that you do not take this quiz."

"It will test you on the things in the games such as temples, characters, places and just trivia about the game. If you would like to have a go... well... go for it. I'll be rooting for who ever does this quiz ;)"

Created by: sarah xxx
  1. Ok... let's start with the characters. Who is the main character in the game?
  2. Who is the Twilight Princess?
  3. Who are the two girls that live in Ordon and are Link's friends?
  4. What is Link's horse name?
  5. Who is controlled as a puppet by Ganondorf in the final battle?
  6. How bout some trivia questions now... What does Midna want you to help her find throughout the game?
  7. Where do you first meet Midna?
  8. Who do you play as?
  9. What made Link turn into a beast?
  10. What two buttons do you use to use your senses?
  11. What type of monster did Link turn into?
  12. What character does not appear in this game?
  13. How bout we see if you know your temples... What was the temple full of water called?
  14. What was the temple where all the lava and fire appeared in?
  15. What about where the yeti's lived?
  16. Hmm... what about... The one in the sky?
  17. Just a few temples left... what about the ancient temple?
  18. What about that place you found in Gerudo Desert?
  19. First one eva?
  20. More Places... Where does Link live?
  21. Where does the Mirror of Twilight take you?
  22. ok.. more trivia... just a few more questions what are ganondorf's last words.
  23. how many pieces did Zant break the Mirror of Twilight into?
  24. How many fused shadows did you have to find and what temples did you find them at?
  25. FINAL QUESTION (in sarah xxx's opinion) is Link HOT?

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