How well do you know Zelda and the Twilight Princess?

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Hey all, do you think you are a true "Zelda & the Twilight Princess" genius? Think you've played the game enough to be considered an expert, a fanatic? Well then take this quiz and find out!

Have you been wondering that all along? Well here's your chance to stop wondering and know the truth about how much of a fan you are! I hope you enjoy taking this quiz, good luck! *Possible Spoiler Alert*

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Okay- first we're going to start off with characters. What is the main character's name? (Guy in the green tunic..)
  2. Who is the mayor of Ordon?
  3. Who is the shaman of Kakakrio Village
  4. Who does Link like?
  5. Who and who's watertop adventure?
  6. Who saved Fyer's life?
  7. Who gave Link the drawing of the beast of snowpeak?
  8. Who is the person who gave Link the Golden Cucco to get to the Sacred Grove?
  9. Who has their cat, Gengle, frozen on top of their head?
  10. Who owns the bar in Castle Town?
  11. Okay, moving onto places. The ____ Desert.
  12. Where do you fight Agorok?
  13. Ran out of places.. Onto some basic Twilight Princess trivia. What things that you can find in "Gerudo Mesa"
  14. Where is Link's first fight with Ganondorf?
  15. Princess ____
  16. Who can you find at the end of the Cave Of Ordeals?
  17. Who is your second to final boss?
  18. Link's hometown?
  19. Link's horses name?
  20. After you find and defeat 20 poes, where can you get to Jovanni again?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Zelda and the Twilight Princess?