The World of Twilight Sparkle

People will think they know all about Twilight Sparkle, but do they? This quiz will stick to you side or push all against you, take this quiz to see if your the Twilight expert!

How much do you know about Twilight Sparkle? In 5 minutes you'll find out. Twilight is a MLP FIM character. You will be surprised there is in the world, but it's not all just here.

Created by: MLPfans

  1. Where did Twilight Sparkle live?
  2. What is Twilight?
  3. What does Twilight like to do in her free time?
  4. Who is the friend that lives in Sweet Apple Acres?
  5. Who is Twilight when she is sucked into Spikes comic book?
  6. Why did Twilight enter the Human World?
  7. Twilight has 1 big brother, what is his Name?
  8. What game does Twilight play with Rainbow Dash the Human?
  9. Which episode was it that Twilight learn that if you are late it doesn't mean your a bad student. And all her friends learn you should take your friends feelings seriously.
  10. What eye color does Twilight have?
  11. What color is Twilights body?
  12. Who does Twilight have a sleepover with
  13. What color is Twilights Magic?
  14. Which Element does Twilight Represent

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